About Us

We are a tech-based platform with a mission to make buying and selling a memorable experience for every Iranian. As the most visited online two-sided marketplace platform, we are on our path to becoming the main online trade hub which makes us keep up to par with global standards. Our identity is shaped by our customers, which is why customer-centricity is Digikala’s pivotal business value.

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Digikala at a Glance

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Our Business

Digital Economy is the climate where all Digikala products and services are theorized, launched, and provided. A marketplace that provides a secure context for online trade is Digikala Group’s core business concept. In addition to e-commerce which constitutes our main business area, Digikala Group businesses have further diversified into other fields, including Marketing Technology (Martech), Financial Technology (fintech), logistics, content, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and innovation.

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Working at Digikala

We believe that Digikala is defined by its human resources- over 9000 colleagues. As a super fast-growing organization, Digikala naturally faces a series of human resource challenges such as hiring, performance appraisal, and human resource development (HRD); however, we strive to guarantee mutual success for both Digikala and its human resources by making procedures agile and data driven as well as by providing world-class facilities. Working with Digikala is an opportunity which presents joy of challenge and learning.

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History of Digikala

تاریخچه دیجی‌کالا
We started in 2006 by online sales of digital and electronic products and gathering product reviews. By 2016 Digikala had grown to an online marketplace, setting a huge milestone in the Iranian e-commerce ecosystem. Today Digikala Group is recognized as a massive online trade network where a full range of products and services are made available. In doing so, we have created various platforms and services, each set up for value creation in the Iranian Digital Economy. Find more about Digikala’s life story here.

Our Responsibility

As a business with imprinted concerns for social impact, we naturally care about ethical performance with an extra emphasis on the environment and charity. We are responsible to our customers, to sellers on Digikala, and society; therefore, endeavor to align our business priorities with sustainable development goals.

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Digikala Fulfilment Center Tour

یکی از ماشین های برقی دیجی‌کالا در مرکز پردازش سفارش های دانش
Danesh fulfillment center is the largest in Iran and the region. The huge capacity of the center to process thousands of orders has made it an exciting and curious site to visit especially for those interested in technology, operation, and logistics fields. They would like to know what processes are triggered behind the scenes by each simple mouse click they make on Digikala website. The site visit tour shows the visitors through different sections of the Center including the warehouses, the content factory, the call center, and the after-sales center.

مراکز زیرساختی دیجی‌کالا در تهران

مراکز جمع‌آوری، پردازش و توزیع کالا