About us

About us

Digikala started out as an online store only selling electronics and digital devices. Now, 15 years on, it has grown to a large group thanks to its wide range of service and product categories and customer centricity; and is considered to be the best e-commerce platform in the Middle East.

Our identity

We gain our identity from our buyers and sellers on Digikala. Do you know what our mission and vision are and how we work toward realizing them?

History of Digikala

Over the past 15 years, we have been inspired by diversity, delicacy, and value creation for our relentless hope, adventurism and robustness. Digikala owes its rich wealth of experience and knowledge to the lessons it has learnt from its ups and downs. From reaching a team of 1000 as its first milestone up to launching state-of-the-art services, all have made Digikala a smart, technology-based national brand.

Digikala Group

Our core business concept centers on tech-based e-commerce. However, an unrelenting passion for value creation to contribute to the development of the Iranian Digital Economy is what constitutes Digikala's innermost essence. In fact, logistics, content creation, fintech, marketing technology, innovation, and social responsibility are concepts that Digikala has realized as parts of its e-commerce through modern product and service categories.

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