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Over the years, we have evolved from an online retail store which only sold electronic products to a highly populated platform where an entire range of products and services are traded. Today, thousands of orders are processed and shipped at Digikala. We are defined and driven by our users’ full range of needs at both individual and organizational levels. From a customer’s purchase click to the delivery of their order, a massive complex process is at work. We are here to share it with our users.

Digikala Marketplace

As Digikala grew from an online retail store to a marketplace platform, this has enabled Iranian producers to rise above their local geographies and access a nationwide market.

local businesses of Digikala

We see it as part of our social responsibility that each and every Iranian business must be availed of equal chances for online sales. Digikala’s local entrepreneurship project is an initiative which aims to realize this especially by giving opportunity to local producers and artisans to be known and promote their products at a national level.

Operations and Logistics in Digikala

The few clicks involving selection, adding to basket, and payment which end in the delivery of the order would say very little about the intriguing story that actually plays out behind an online purchasing activity.

Digikala Business

If you run a company, a business, or an organization and want to make your corporate purchases simpler and more effective, you may wish to consider our new B2B service.

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