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our Responsibility

Digikala is a national brand and belongs to all Iranians. That is to say, various groups are affected by our activities and agendas. Customers, sellers, colleagues, media, and government, all are Digikala stakeholders and as a result, we are accountable to them as a business. Since its inception, Digikala has been proactive on social responsibility issues; however, in the last few years SR has officially become part of its organizational strategy as Digikala set up a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) section. In addition to initiatives to support our various stakeholders, particularly small businesses, and taking practical steps regarding sustainability issues, we are thrilled to see “Digikala Mehr platform” launched as a concrete SR facility.

Supporting Small Businesses

The main Digikala decision in 2020 was to start out on “Local Entrepreneurship Support” program as it was the year in which many small businesses were being decimated by COVID circumstances. The program has proved to be a turning point in our small business empowerment initiative.

Social and Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is a fundamental concept in Corporate Social Responsibility. From a Digikala perspective, sustainable development is about making a positive impact on the lives of those who are in direct interaction with us and developing and supporting green programs.

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