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We are still growing so fast, which means there is a lot of Digikala news to share with you on a daily basis. Besides, you may find many Digikala stories in the reports that our portfolio companies put up here. This section is considered to be interesting especially for media people.

Digikala Newsroom

Here you may read about the latest Digikala developments - from the launch of new products and formation of new member companies up to our support initiatives regarding businesses and social-environmental sustainability. Additionally, in this section you can access our analytical reports and read what other media say about us.

Digikala Group Reports

“Reporting by storytelling with data” is an approach we have adopted since 2019. If you would like to gain a bird’s eye view of Digikala Group’s activities and the Iranian digital economy status, here is a collection of the entire Digikala reports for you.

Media Kits

If you are a media person and would like to publish stories of Digikala Group’s fulfillment centers, founders and leaders, or workplace, these sources may be of great interest for you.

Digikala Tech Blog

Our Technology Department is made up of different teams which gain their relevance only as a whole. These teams, including Infrastructure, Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, Engineering, Product, and Design, have often dissimilar and even contrary requirements but thanks to an integrated management system, make Digikala platform highly versatile.

مراکز زیرساختی دیجی‌کالا در تهران

مراکز جمع‌آوری، پردازش و توزیع کالا